About Alyrica

We’re a company made up of family and friends.

Kevin Sullivan

President CEO

Kevin’s interest in Radio Frequency started in 1996 when he obtained his extra-class amateur HAM radio license. Five years later, he joined Alyrica, becoming CEO in 2002. Kevin’s previous RF strengths were augmented by a thorough course in advanced networking and finance.

Kevin enjoys a wide variety of outdoor activities including surfing, mountain climbing, hiking, snowboarding, wakeboarding, snowmobiling, hunting, fishing, sailing, and camping.

Adam Skaer

Operations Manager (aka “Desk Manager”)

Adam joined the Alyrica team in 2011 after serving in the US Army. Today, his time is spent ensuring the fiber, tower, and install divisions are functioning smoothly. While this sometimes involves field work, it usually means doing all the paperwork; hence the humorous title “Desk Manager!” Adam firmly believes that the best Internet is Alyrica Internetand is eager to substantiate this.

In his off time, Adam enjoys sailing (in very tiny vessels), camping, hunting, and fishing with his family and friends.

Jason Richards

Sales and Marketing Manager

Jason is a Montana boy who moved to Oregon (after living in Seattle for 4 years) to come be a part of the Alyrica team in 2018 as the Sales Manager. You can often spot Jason at different events around the Willamette Valley for work and for fun.

Jason loves going on adventures outdoors or overseas with his friends and family. He is also a musician who enjoys playing and writing music, along with being an avid reader of history, personal development, and leadership.

Josh Kvidt

Chief Financial Officer

Josh is a long-time Benton County resident, graduating from Corvallis High School and Oregon State University. His family has lived in Kings Valley the past 5 years and Philomath for 5 years before that.

He worked in banking for nearly 15 years prior to coming to Alyrica to be its Chief Financial Officer in 2019. A career in banking taught him how effective teams are formed and nurtured. It also showed him how to use the numbers to paint the big picture that everyone can understand and then cast a vision that we can all rally behind.

Outside of Alyrica, Josh enjoys time spent working at his family’s ranch as well as playing sports and games with his family. He’s a marginal golfer and plays recreational sports including basketball and softball.